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3-D printing

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Family Tree

I called this post ‘Family Tree’, but I decided NOT to show the parent/child links as a graphical tree. Instead, the lists below show ‘Father ——- Mother’  pairs, listed under the male surname, each succeeding level going back one generation.  To follow the female descent, scroll to the mother’s surname (***see MOMSNAME). Basically, showing this […]

Scientists Claim Brain Memory Code Cracked

cool  microtubule-associated protein logic gates

Ancestry 101 / Fossey Gibson / Teresa

The girl in the lower right hand corner is Teresa Fossey, my grandmother on my mother’s side. She was born in 1880 in Northampton, and married my grandfather George Gibson on August 17, 1908. Canadian passenger ship records indicate they arrived in Quebec (from Liverpool) on the Empress of Britain on August 27, 1908. only […]

Ancestry 101 / Lee / Charlie

This is Charles Lee, my grandfather, about 1905 or so. The uniform is that of the 2nd Life Guards which was one of the first regiments of the British Army, and part of the Household Cavalry. The original large painting was displayed in the Lee household as my father grew up. As the youngest of […]

Family Photos / McKay / Annie Oakley?

Once a relatively small photo is scanned, you can easily magnify and examine the details which are simply lost when looking at the original print. The following image is one of those details. That looks like a small pistol, held by a women who I think belongs to the McKay clan. The entire photo is […]

Family Photos / McKay / Rotterdam

Now these two photographs are baffling to me. Taken in Rotterdam by a P.W. Roemer, who worked somewhere around the 1880’s or so, which certainly fits with the clothing style. They were mixed in with the McKay photographs I have, but of course were no details were noted on the back of the prints (apparently […]