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Ancestry 101 / Fossey Gibson / Teresa

The girl in the lower right hand corner is Teresa Fossey, my grandmother on my mother’s side. She was born in 1880 in Northampton, and married my grandfather George Gibson on August 17, 1908. Canadian passenger ship records indicate they arrived in Quebec (from Liverpool) on the Empress of Britain on August 27, 1908. only 10 days later (the ship apparently was the fastest of its time, and crossed the Atlantic in about 6 days). They obviously had a plan to remake their lives.

Back to the photograph. Teresa’s father Francis Fossey is on the left, her mother Elizabeth (nee O’Dell) is on the right. Elder sister Emma (b 1877) and brother Francis (b 1875) are in the back. On the lower left, sits sister Lizzie (b.1885).

The family appears to be mourning, and the photograph may have been taken at the funeral of Teresa’s grandmother Susan Fossey (nee Letting) in 1894. Note that Elizabeth is holding a photo in her lap, which may be that of her first daughter Elizabeth who died at age 12 in 1883.

The earliest photo I have after that, is one taken somewhere about 1910 or so:


This next photo was taken in 1914, and shows Teresa and George sitting, with Gladys (on lap) and Frank:


There are not any photos of Teresa that I can find, until after the war (husband George has a few, fishing). This one was taken in the late 40’s, as it shows daughters Marge (Wells) with baby Anne, and Gladys (Lee) with Greg.  George is at top left, Bert Lee, Teresa, and Sam Arden, Teresa’s sister (and Sam’s wife)  Flo(rence) just to her side.


The following is more like how I remember my grandparents, it dates from the late 50’s or early 60’s.  A nice one of Teresa, who would pass on March 1, 1962.  On Sundays our family often had dinner at their house on Kitchener street. The meat may have been a tad overdone, but the yorkshire pudding was to die for.



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