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Ancestry 101 / McKay / Roderick and Janet


Roderick and Janet (nee Smith) McKay,  taken sometime in the early 1900’s.  They were both born in Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1837 and 1846 respectively.  They were married on August 26, 1872 (as per an Ancestry.com post, I don’t have any source records).

They had eight children….James W (1873), Henry J (1875), Howard E(1877), Mary Hannah (my grandmother, 1879), Alver(1881), Laurette M(1883), Bella(1889), and Charles(1893).  The first 3 boys were born in the US (per later census records), so Roderick and Janet must have moved south of the border shortly after their marriage, and the 1881 census has them back in Pictou.

There was a faded photo I found which I believe shows Roderick at a fairground in the US  (from the flag flying over the bleachers in the background). The photo, of course, has no date or notes of any kind.  He would have been at most in his early 40’s when the family was in the US;  he looks older than that to me in the photo, but people tended to look older then. Enhanced and cropped, below:


There are a few more photos of Janet, as grandmother (and her daughter Hannah, with kids).  A stern looking lady…click the photos to see expanded versions.




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