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Bert Lee / WWII RCAF pilot instructor

Bert enlisted in the RCAF on March 10, 1942, and was honourably  discharged (transferred to reserve) on February 28, 1945 (so his term was almost exactly 3 years). I have no record of what he did for the first 5 months, but wikipedia suggests that there was a 26 or 28 week basic training program, […]

Ancestry 101 / Lee / Hannah Mary

Hannah Mary McKay was born  in 1879 in Pictou, Nova Scotia (parents Roderick and Janet nee Smith).  First daughter (after 3 sons). She had two younger sisters (1883 and 1889), and two younger brothers. As the oldest daughter, I believe she is in following photo (at the bottom): The women on the left is her […]

Ancestry 101 / McKay / Roderick and Janet

Roderick and Janet (nee Smith) McKay,  taken sometime in the early 1900’s.  They were both born in Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1837 and 1846 respectively.  They were married on August 26, 1872 (as per an Ancestry.com post, I don’t have any source records). They had eight children….James W (1873), Henry J (1875), Howard E(1877), Mary […]

the LEE branch…..

The earliest I have been able to trace the LEE line is to Thomas and Mary Lee,  whose son Henry was born October 22, 1806, in Bishops Stortford.  The only information I have on Thomas/Mary is a reference on baptism record for Henry. Henry married Susanne Phillips on July 21, 1833,  at St Michaels Church.  They moved to […]

Ancestry 101 / Lee / Charlie

This is Charles Lee, my grandfather, about 1905 or so. The uniform is that of the 2nd Life Guards which was one of the first regiments of the British Army, and part of the Household Cavalry. The original large painting was displayed in the Lee household as my father grew up. As the youngest of […]

Family Photos / McKay / Annie Oakley?

Once a relatively small photo is scanned, you can easily magnify and examine the details which are simply lost when looking at the original print. The following image is one of those details. That looks like a small pistol, held by a women who I think belongs to the McKay clan. The entire photo is […]