Nano Quadrotors

I must admit these videos freak me out a little.  Check out the formation flying in the first one.  Perhaps I’ve seen too many Terminator movies.

My uncle Frank

Frank Gibson was my mother’s elder brother, and this photo was one that I discovered amongst the many albums and photos that my Mom had with her at the assisted living facility where she spent the last few years of her life. I scanned the small snapshott, enlarged it, and put it in a frame […]

Family etc

Ancestry 101 / Gibson / George Gibson

George Gibson was born on September 10, 1879, in Great Doddington, Wellingborough, Northampton to parents John and Emma Gibson (nee Thompson). As mentioned in my post on Teresa, he (they) were married in August 17, 1908 and made their way quickly to Canada. This is a photo of the couple in 1914: While his son […]